Jonathan Knight Gay: Kyle Wilker Kiss and Tell Photos

February 5, 2009

Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block has been outed by his ex-boyfriend, Kyle Wilker, a 27-year-old Brazilian model who has sold revealing photos of the couple that will appear in the National Enquirer. See photos and video here.

jonathan knight 1

The 40 year old singer is is the oldest member of New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) and he was was the first to leave the boy band in 1994 prior to their official disbanding after years of popularity and 70 million in album sales worldwide. He dropped out of public life and became a real estate developer. The group has since reunited in 2008 with a tour, a new album, ‘The Block,’ and a resurgence of popularity.

In recent months Jonathan Knight was reportedly living an openly gay lifestyle among his friends and family, though not officially out of the closet, and known to be involved with Kyle Wilker.

In late January 2009, Perez Hilton revealed that Kyle Wilker sold personal pictures of the couple to a photo agency, reportedly for only $8,000. This was prior to Wilkner’s interview with the National Enquirer which will appear in the February 16, 2009 issue.

In the issue, Kyle Wilker is quoted as saying, ‘We had a wonderful relationship. I was in love with him and I believe he was in love with me.’ He also told the tabloid that Jonathan Knight discovered that he “preferred guys to girls” after dating pop singer Tiffany. The couple met in Fire Island, New York, at the bar where Wilkner was working at the time, and had an 18 month relationship. He characterized Knight as a homebody, saying “I call him a straight guy who happens to be gay.�?

The cover of National Enquirer can be seen here. More photos and video of Jonathan Knight are below.

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6 Responses to “Jonathan Knight Gay: Kyle Wilker Kiss and Tell Photos”

  1. 1
    Angela Says:

    I don´t care if Jonathan is gay or not.
    But what´s up with that Kyle guy?
    Selling pictures and the story?? What a yerk!

  2. 2
    Renato Says:

    The guy’s definitely a jerk. The people who paid for his story and those who buy gossip mags are even worse, though…

  3. 3
    EMINEM LOL Says:


  4. 4
    tina Says:

    I wish everyone would just leave him alone. If he is gay or straight, it doesn’t MATTER. That doesn’t change who he is and ALL THE NKOTB love him no matter WHAT! All it is is a preference sexually, what is the big deal???? Leave him alone and let him live his life. Anybody that sells pictures of someone for money is a dirtbag!!

  5. 5
    Laura Says:

    I don’t care either, I totally agree with angela even if he is gay he still is a fine man and I love Jon for who he is and not the lifestyle he lives. Jesus told me a long time ago to love the sinner and hate the sin, so even if I don’t personally know Jonthan Knight I’m goona to love him as a person and not because of what he does in his life. Love, to all Laura Oudin

  6. 6
    shelley Says:

    I always knew he was gay. Some people can tell, but he was still my favorite band member as a kid. It really doesnt matter if he is gay or straight, its not like he is going to date any of you.