Miley Cyrus Slant-Eye Asian Photos

February 3, 2009

Here are the shocking photos of Miley Cyrus and friends posting with stereotypical faces that mimic Chinese people, images which you can blow up below. The Miley Cyrus slant eye pose has prompted Asian advocacy groups to call for her apology, or worse from Disney.

Miley Cyrus Chinese Eyes

Miley Cyrus Chinese Slant-Eye

America’s teenage darling is no stranger to controversy. She famously posed practically nude for Vanity Fair last year. Earlier racy pictures of her posing in a shower were posted, presumably by friends. The embarrassing moments are so frequent that many are assuming that Miley is desperately trying to shed her good girl image.

And so we have the “chink eye” pictures surface, which are certainly shocking, but also obtuse and inconsiderate. At best they show a clueless teenager, and at worst a successful woman with prejudices. Celebrity juggernaut TMZ has labeled her “Hanoi Miley” for the affront.

According to an Asian advocacy group: “The photograph of Miley Cyrus and other individuals slanting their eyes currently circulating the Internet is offensive to the Asian Pacific American community and sets a terrible example for her many young fans.” Read more here.

What are your thoughts? See the Miley Cyrus Asian slant eye pics below.

Miley Cyrus Slant EyesMiley Cyrus Chinese Eyes
Miley Cyrus Slant-Eye (Photos)

Miley Cyrus Asian (Video)

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101 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Slant-Eye Asian Photos”

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  1. 1
    Sarah Says:

    I just wanted to say that I am so glad that the OCA has spoken out against Miley Cyrus’ offensive racist photos. I’m a young adult and used to be a fan of her work, as I found it wholesome entertainment, which is hard to come by these days. I was appalled and disgusted in light of the recent photos and am now boycotting her work. I applaud the OCA on calling media attention to what America’s sweetheart role model is really like: racist. People are dismissing these photos as trivial, saying they’re personal photos of a teenage her ‘just goofing around’ but fail to see that it’s a reflection on her character. Ultimately she is mocking the appearances of an ethnic group. That’s pretty downright disrespectful. And the people bitching out how Miley has done nothing wrong and should be left alone are just plain ignorant. She is in the media– it’s her job. Therefore there is open grounds for criticism. DEAL WITH IT. And people have the freedom of speech to express when they find something offensive.

  2. 2
    Michelle Says:

    Wow. Lighten up!

    “Ultimately she is mocking the appearances of an ethnic group”? How did this hurt you or anyone else? She is goofing around with her friends . . . some people just take life WAY too seriously.

    “And people have the freedom of speech to express when they find something offensive”. Ummm, Miley has the same freedoms you do.

    If people just lightened up a bit and recognized that we all have differences and allowed people to acknowledge and embrace them, perhaps racism would die.

  3. 3
    C Says:

    “Wow. Lighten up!”
    You are a complete idiot! I agree, people need to lighten up, but when you are one of the most recognizable celebrities and role models for teens across the US it isn’t acceptable to do anything racially inappropriate. I think it is worth it for people like Miley to be held accountable to a higher degree of social sensitivity given the fact that she makes over 20 mil a year! Idoits all you!

  4. 4
    a guy Says:

    Looks more to me like they’re teasing Stoners and not chinese people. And, as a Pot smoker, I’m offended and demand Miley Cyrus to apologize to stoners worldwide for this gruesome and truly offensive photo.

  5. 5
    jimmy page Says:

    I wish i had the time to worry about pointless shite…If she had published the pictures in a magazine called “making fun of asians” i could see the problem, but these are personal pictures that were taken and not put up by her. Nobody but the people in the picture even knows what context the picture was taken in. Assuming things is how you get into trouble. This is clearly an over-reaction to something that was part of her private life. Don’t poke into her private life if you can’t handle it. Buck up and butt out…

  6. 6
    Sad sad world Says:

    Wow… just wow. I’m sorry, but clearly to anyone with an IQ over 10 can see that it must be a personal joke that she is sharing with one of her friends as they are all slanting their eyes, so basic common sense would tell you that no intent to be hurtfully racist was meant here. And even then, this photo was clearly not meant to be seen by the entire world, so don’t criticize someone when you really have no right to be viewing this personal photo in the first place. And for those morons who think that she should be politically correct 100% of the time just because she has celebrity status might need to re-evaluate their perspectives on reality. You can’t act like your performing on the world stage all the time, and to say that she doesn’t have the right to a private personal life is absurd. And I hate to break it to you, but asians DO have sloppy eyes… how is pretending to be asian offensive? What a bunch of fools, especially you Risemoon, get a life and reality check. The only insult has been to Miley Cyrus by you and other equally brainless do-gooders who if they looked in the mirror would clearly see a far less decent human being than this fine young lady.

  7. 7
    Ed Says:

    I think Miley Cyrus is on the road to becoming the next child star crash-and-burn adolescent. Frankly, I find her to be an arrogant, conceited, snobby, spoiled rich brat.

    However, being in the media eye or not, she is still just 16. It’s a time in life of learning by making mistakes. She should apologize, mean it and stop doing it. And the rest of the world needs to remember she’s a child and stop treating her like she’s something more just because she is famous.

  8. 8
    Ana Nguyen Says:

    The critics should grow up. These are just kids goofing off. I’m Asian and my friends and I sometimes joke around like this. I’ll pull the bottom of my eye to “look Caucasian” while my friends do just like Miley did. It’s all in good fun. Sadly, there are puritanical idiots who can find offense in everything.

  9. 9
    flo Says:

    all i see in that photo is a group of friends drinking and having a laugh. no-one in that photo is offended and no one out of it should be, it’s nothing to do with them. it’s been taken out of context so any subjective inference is just irrelevant.
    Suggest: all those offended by this photo are the ones guilty of racist thoughts, for reading them into this.

  10. 10
    Bella Malfitano Says:

    I do think it is in some way offensive but my asian friends make fun of caucasians by pullng down their eye lids and pulling out their nose to make them look more western. My asian friends even make fun of themselves by over-exagerating a chinese accent. And anyways if she was trying to be offensive would she do it when one of the people in the picture is obviously asian? They’re just teens having fun, geeze just calm down, I mean if she were to wear a sombrero and hold a taco would that be offensive to latin culture? I’m part latin and that would not offend me.

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