Alicia Etheridge Is Bobby Brown’s Girlfriend

February 3, 2009

Meet Alicia Etheridge, Bobby’s Brown’s girlfriend-turned-manager and now the mother-to-be of his child. See her biography, photos and video here.

Alicia Etheridge

Alicia Etheridge

Bobby Brown is having a baby! Alicia Etheridge and Bobby announced that Alicia is pregnant by about four months. The baby, which will be number 5 for Bobby, is due in July 2009.

As a biography, not a whole lot is known about Alicia Etheridge. She used to be good friends with Whitney Houston until she started dating her ex, Bobby Brown, in 2007. Bobby and Alicia are now rumored to be engaged.

Alicia once worked as the president of the M. Gray Music Academy. Macy Gray’s after-school music program offers kids a chance to enrich their lives during school breaks, like weekends and holiday breaks, with music. Now she makes a living as Bobby’s manager and even scored him the reality television show “Gone Country”.

See more photos of Alicia Etheridge and a video below.

Alicia Etheridge 1 Alicia Etheridge 2 Alicia Etheridge 3 Alicia Etheridge 4 Alicia Etheridge 5

Alicia Etheridge Photos


Bobby Brown Video – “Girlfriend”

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