Groundhog Bites Bloomberg (Video)

February 3, 2009

In an annual tradition dating back to Groundhog Day 1981, the mayor of New York City visits groundhog Staten Island Chuck for his expert winter weather prognostication. This time Mayor Michael Bloomberg got a forecast and a bite! See video here.

michael bloomberg 3

His full name Charles G. Hogg and he is a resident of the Staten Island Zoo. He is 3 years old, weighs 10 pound and he did indeed bite New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on Groundhog Day 2009. Despite the crowds, the rolling cameras, the mayor and other dignitaries, including City Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, and Senator Charles E. Schumer, Chuck was not willing to emerge from his cage to bask in the annual glory. Which led to the mayor trying to coax him out with part of a corn cob. Which led to Chuck snatching the corn cob and retreating back to his cage. Undaunted, the mayor lifted Chuck out of the cage to raise him high above, as per tradition. But the little prognosticator bit Bloomberg’s left hand so hard that his tiny teeth pierced the mayor’s black leather gloves.

Perhaps Staten Island Chuck got tired of playing second groundhog fiddle to his more famous prognosticating competitor, Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil? It wasn’t enough that while Phil saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of cold weather, Chuck went the other way, predicting spring, to gain our favor. But no, his scheme was not complete…After all, what better way to seize attention than to create a scene that humans will find viral video worthy?!

Later in a press conference, Mayor Bloomberg had his own speculations.

“Let me say this: For security reasons, there’s a limit to what I can say, but I think it is fair that whenever the people of Staten Island are at risk, the mayor is willing to put himself at risk, his physical well-being in harm’s way, to protect them…Given the heightened response against terrorism, and clearly in this case a terrorist rodent who could very well have been trained by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, I’m not at liberty to say any more than that.?

Or was Chuck merely protesting Mayor Bloomberg’s slashing of the Staten Island Zoo budget? Speculation is rampant…..

Here are photos of the variously interpreted event. The video is below.


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