Super Bowl: Comcast Interruption (Video)

February 2, 2009

Last night, millions of people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl on NBC and NBC affiliates. Most of those people expected some funny commercials and a good football game. I’m guessing none of those people expected adult entertainment to pop on the television, though.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLII

For the million or so people living in Tucson, Arizona, in addition to football, they got to see some Super Bowl porn. Comcast customers in Tucson who watched the game in standard definition experienced a 30-second blip of porn in the middle of the Steelers-Cardinals Super Bowl battle. Comcast has contacted the FCC and is looking into the matter. They’ve released a statement saying,

“We are mortified by the incident and we apologize to our customers.”

It is thought that customers who experienced the Super Bowl porn will be reimbursed in some fashion. Such action by the company is to be expected with viewers as angry as they are. One Tucson resident complained,

“I just figured it was another commercial until I looked up. Then he did his little dance with everything hanging out.”

The 30-second pornographic clip featured a woman undoing a man’s trousers, followed by a graphic act between the two people. It appeared on the television just after Larry Fitzgerald’s touchdown for the Cardinals with just under 3 minutes to play.

See more photos from Super Bowl XLIII and the Super Bowl porn video below.

Super Bowl 1 Super Bowl 2 Ben Rothlisberger Bruce Springsteen 1 Santonio Holmes

Super Bowl Photos

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Super Bowl Porn Video

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10 Responses to “Super Bowl: Comcast Interruption (Video)”

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