Kirstie Allsop Is FHM Hot 100

January 30, 2009

Meet Kirstie Allsop, the British television personality who landed on FHM’s Hot 100 list while six months pregnant. See her biography, photos and video here.

Kirstie Allsop – “Location, Location, Location”

Kirstie Allsop just made the Hot 100 List put out each year by FHM. She’s only 91, but she’s on the list, and just that was a surprise for the 37-year-old, pregnant television presenter. Of hearing the news, she says,

‘It was very flattering. I mean, you never see yourself like that. I don’t believe anyone stands in front of the mirror and says, “Wow, I’m sexy”. Of course, it gives you a pep. It’s nice to think that someone of my age, who just prances around on telly doing their job, can come off well on a poll like that, because it’s not like you see me going to premieres in a low-cut dress.’

As a biography, Kirstie Allsop was born August 31, 1973, so her age is 35. Her measurements are a UK size 12 top and size 14 bottom. She grew up in Hampshire and briefly spent time in India teaching English. She works as a television personality in England, with her latest show one that is supposed help people add value to their houses. It is called “Kirstie’s Homemade Homes”. She is also the co-host of the show “Location, Location, Location”.

Kirstie lives with her partner, Ben Anderson. Together they have two sons, Bay and Oscar. Ben also has two children from a previous marriage. Now Kirstie and Ben are getting ready for another child … Kirstie’s pregnant. The family splits time between West London and Devon.

See a video of Kirstie Allsop below.

Kirstie Allsop Video

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