Kristen Hager is ‘Wanted’ Actress

February 7, 2009

Meet Kristen Hager. She is one of the rising young stars in Hollywood. You can read her biography below, see photos, and a video.

Kristen Hager

Kristen Hager

Kristen Hager co-starred in the graphic novel adaptation ‘Wanted’ alongside Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. She has also worked with Reiko Aylesworth in ‘Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem’ and Christian Bale in ‘I’m Not There.’

Kristen Hager Biography

Kristen Hager was born on April 4, 1984 in Red Lake, Ontario, Canada so her age is 24. Though Canadian, her heritage is Dutch, German, English, Scottish, Czech, Belgian, and Italian ancestry.

Kristen first made her television appearance in the mini-series ‘Beach Girls’ in 2005, after one year she appeared in ‘Runaway’ which starred Donnie Wahlberg. S he also made an appearance in the Golden Globe Award-winning film ‘I’m Not There’.

She is best known, however, for her appearance in the sequel movie ‘Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem’, which was the sequel to ‘Alien vs. Predator.’

In 2008, Kristen Hager was in the movie ‘Wanted’, ‘Murder on Her Mind,’ and ‘You Might as Well Live’. She is currently in the 2009 Canada TV series ‘The Wild Roses’ and has a film in post production called ‘Leslie, My Name Is Evil’.

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Kristen Hager Photos

Kristen Hager Video


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