Cristina Warthen: Stanford Escort Call-Girl Scandal

January 27, 2009

Meet Cristina Warthen, the law student-turned-call-girl who is now in trouble for tax evasion. See her biography, photos and video here.

Cristina pleaded guilty yesterday to tax evasion after a five-year struggle to stay out of trouble. The sentencing, which takes place on June 15, will implement her plea agreement. In the plea, she agrees to pay $313,133.74 and serve three years probation, one of which will be home confinement as well.

As a biography, Cristina Warthen is 35 years old and lives in Los Angeles. Her measurements are 34ddd-24-34. She graduated from Standford University Law School. After graduating with over $300,000 in student loan debt, she says she “hated the prospect of being a lawyer for the next twenty yrs.” So she became an escort and came to be known as The Stanford Law Escort.

The US Department of Justice alleges that Warthen has been in the prostitution or escort business since at least August 2001, three months after graduation. She is said to have charged $1,300 for two hours, $5,000 for an overnight visit, and $15,000 for three days. She worked the big cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York, Chicago and Seattle.

Cristina now admits that she grossed over $133,000 in 2003 alone and failed to file taxes while she worked under the code name “Brazil” as an escort. In February 2004, the IRS seized $61,171 in cash and other items from her apartment ($2,400 in $100 was found in a law school text book in the trash). The investigation has been on ever since, and after dismissing their civil forfeiture action, the government and Warthen have finally reached a settlement.

Cristina also worked as a model, posing in Iron Man, Muscular Development, Maxim and Playboy Lingerie. In addition, she owned a clothing company.

In May 2004, Cristina (whose maiden name is Shultz) married David Warthen. An internet entrepreneur and co-founder of, David tried to tell the government that all of her cash was a gift from him.

It sounds like she was successful in the long run. Cristina says she has paid off all of her student loans.

See more photos of Cristina Warthen and a video on tax evasion below.

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2 Responses to “Cristina Warthen: Stanford Escort Call-Girl Scandal”

  1. 1
    Paul Marlon Says:

    Consuela B,

    Learn how to spell. The University is “Stanford”, you ignorant monkey.

  2. 2
    Josephine Holderby Says:

    A friend of mine is hiring a male escort for a party she’s going to tomorrow, because her boyfriend of 9 years dumped her a few days ago. :(