Tania Zaetta: Australian Military Scandal

January 27, 2009

Meet Tania Zaetta, the Australian model and sizzling hot troop entertainer who was accused of having sex with the troops.

Tania Zaetta

We’ve heard of supporting the troops but sex with models is clearly a little too much morale. Luckily for all concerned, the accusations were false and she got an apology from army brass. The scandalous rumor surfaced while she was doing her patriotic duty on a concert tour at a military base in Afghanistan. The worst part is it came from Australia’s military chief himself, a heel by the name of Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston.

He later recanted: “There was no substance to the allegations. Ms. Zaetta gave her time and her talent to entertain our forces serving in Afghanistan and she deserves our praise and our thanks. I have also made clear to Ms Zaetta that she is welcome to again join a Forces Entertainment Tour in the near future.”

Thank God.

Tania Zaetta Biography

As a biography she was born November 17, 1970 which makes her 38 years old and ready for anything as a Scorpio. Her acting credits include an early appearance on Baywatch and host of several Australian TV shows. She is currently starring in Sky One’s Mission Implausible, another Australian program.

Tania appeared in the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars in 2005. She has extreme sports coverage which is a great fit for her rock-hard athletic body, as a television contributor for The Great Outdoor Game (ESPN) and the Summer X Games.

Tania’s modeling credits include smoking hot pics in FHM which you can see here. To our knowledge she has never posed for a nude pictorial. She was one of FHM’s 100 sexiest models.

She is the daughter of blue-collar parents. Her father owned a brick-laying business where she grew up in Victoria province. Her fabulous looks are partly the result of interesting parentage, with both Australian and Italian heritage. Read much more about Tania Zaetta at your pleasure.

After the apology and a settlement last year, Ms. Zaetta said “It’s very painful to go through something like that, and also to watch for my family to go through it. They also had a very rough time. He [Angus Houston] gave me a lovely, heartfelt, sincere apology, which meant the world to me. I’m not one to hold grudges.”

Tania measurements are known only to those she has slept with, while she stands 5’8″ tall. Her hair color is gorgeous brown and so are her bedroom eyes.

See more pictures and a video below.

Tania Zaetta Video

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