Alexandra Pelosi Is Nancy Pelosi Daughter

January 26, 2009

Meet Alexandra Pelosi, a filmmaker and the daughter of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. See her biography, photos and video here.

Alexandra Pelosi

Alexandra Pelosi is in the news after her latest film, “The Trials of Ted Haggard” aired tonight on HBO. The documentary follows the evangelical preacher as he tries to rebuild his life after the sex and drug scandal rocked the church. Pelosi focused on the theme of forgiveness, saying,

“The story is about a church that preaches forgiveness. He, as a pastor, preached forgiveness and redemption. But he was not forgiven and he was not redeemed. They cast him out and they exiled him. It was very biblical in a way. Not that I even read the Bible, so I wouldn’t know. But the people who go to church get told every Sunday, `We forgive.’ He was not forgiven. That, to me, is what is interesting about it.”

As a biography, Alexandra Pelosi was born October 5, 1970 in San Francisco, California, so her age is 38. She is married to Michiel Vos. They have 2 children together. She graduated from USC’s Annenberg School for Communication with a master’s degree in Communication Management. Alexandra is the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, the current Speaker of the House in the United States Congress. She works as a filmmaker and director, with four documentaries under her belt.

Alexandra and Haggard worked together previously for her film “Friends of God: A Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi”. For that documentary, Haggard served as her tour guide as she traveled through the south and examined the practices and politics of fundamentalist, evangelical Christians.

Her latest film, though, is the one that people will remember. After Haggard’s relationship with another man and his drug use became public, he stepped down from the New Life Church. But now he is revealing details that were previously kept quiet. Alexandra’s film brings many new aspects of the story to light, which makes it an interesting movie to watch.

Alexandra is dedicated to the topics she pursues. Once, when investigating hate in America, she joined the KKK to get an inside look.

See more photos of Alexandra Pelosi and a video below.

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