Nova Henry: Eddy Curry’s Girlfriend

January 25, 2009

Our hearts go out to Nova Henry and her little baby. The reported former girlfriend of New York Knicks player Eddy Curry along with baby daughter Ava were both found dead in downtown Chicago. Photos are wanted to please contribute if you have one.

mother and baby

The grim scene was discovered in The Loop section of the city. A suspect who “knows her” has been identified who police are looking for at this hour. The person is not Eddy Curry who is out of town playing a basketball game in Philadelphia. He was Nova Henry’s boyfriend when he played for the Chicago Bulls. She has a current boyfriend who has not been named by police yet. Her 3-year old son was thankfully unharmed.

Nova Henry has long insisted that Eddy is the father of her baby Ava. She petitioned the court twice to establish parentage, presumably for the purpose of child support, but the legal actions were never resolved.

Curry, of course, is the player whose limousine driver made salacious allegations against him in January that the player made sexual advances toward him as a gay horn-dog. Never get a limo driver, people. Once he and his current wife were tied up in a home invasion robbery.

And now this happens to Nova Henry and her baby. Can anyone spell jinx?

Photos will be after the jump when we can find them!

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