Fabrizio Politi: Geri Halliwell’s Boyfriend

January 23, 2009

Meet Fabrizio Politi, the new boyfriend and totally potential future husband of Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls, aka Geri Halliwell. See their kissing photos, his substantial biography and a naughty video below.

Fabrizio Politi
Fabrizio Politi

The couple have been photographed smooching all over town, in warm embraces, lip-locked and all but doing it in front of the paparazzi. Good for them. We like our stars leaving no runners on the base paths. When is the wedding date?

Fabrizio Politi Biography

As a biography, Fabrizio Politi is a Italian businessman. Ginger Spice is apparently wearing his engagement ring so we all want to know when he will be Geri Halliwell’s husband.

He is a multi-gazillionaire tycoon who specializes in single women as all of those naughty Italian men do. Why are they always so very, very bad? Those pictures were taken at the uber-posh La Capannina hotel in Forte dei Marmi. Amore!

By trade he is a shipping tycoon which means that he makes a ton of money by shipping things to people who want those things. Molto bene! Mr. Politi has been hanging out with her baby Bluebell, procreated from her former relationship with hottie Sacha Gervasi.

Who’s your daddy?

So many questions and so few answers. See more pictures and a video below.

Fabrizio PolitiFabrizio PolitiFabrizio Politi

Fabrizio PolitiFabrizio Politi
Fabrizio Politi Photos

Geri Halliwell Video

No doubt that she will be the future Mrs. Fabrizio Politi.

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