Alexis Stewart Is Martha Stewart Daughter

January 22, 2009

Meet Alexis Stewart, the daughter of the goddess of all things home, Martha Stewart, and a radio personality. See her biography, photos and video here.

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The “boob magician” who performed a breast lift for Alexis Stewart has been revealed. Dr. Robert Freund is said to have been the man who created such a boost for Martha’s daughter, but his office won’t confirm or deny the rumor, saying, “The doctor doesn’t discuss his hush-hush nips and tucks.” The surgery was so successful that Alexis posted before-and-after shots on her blog and fans have speculated ever since about the man behind the magic.

As a biography, Alexis Stewart was born on September 27, 1965 in New York, so her age is 43. Her parents are Andrew and Martha Stewart, who separated in 1987 and later divorced. She graduated from Barnard College. She lives in New York City in her $16 million home.

Stewart is the co-host of the Sirius Satellite Radio show “Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer”. It is about “whatever” Alexis and Jennifer are thinking that day. She also co-hosts the television show “Whatever, Martha”. On the show, she makes fun of old “Martha Stewart Living” episodes. Luckily, she and her mother are now close enough that the jabs made on the show are all in good fun. They are so close, in fact, that Alexis spent every day of Martha’s six-week criminal trial in the front row and cried when the jury read the guilty verdict. As for what it’s like to be Martha’s daughter, Alexis describes it as “both wonderful and exhausting”.

In October 2007, Alexis made news when she appeared on Oprah and shared her struggles with conceiving a child. On the show, she said that she spends $28,000 each month on fertility drugs and sperm injections. Martha has helped Alexis cover these costs.

Alexis admits to using Botox. She’s a vegetarian. She also describes herself as “grumpy, short-tempered and intolerant”. She was previously married to an attorney for seven years.

See more photos of Alexis Stewart and a video below.

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    Andrea Says:

    Alexis also has a blog at

    In her Jan 09 blog, she responded to a comment by calling the writer, a “nasty cunt”. This over a comment about a cake. bahhahhahhhaha