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January 21, 2009

While enjoying the sun and sand, Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated model Marisa Miller experienced a wardrobe malfunction. Read the rest of the story and see photos and video of Marisa Miller below.

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Swimsuit and lingerie hottie Marisa Miller was enjoying the warmth and sun in St. Barts. There for a Victoria’s Secret swimsuit photo shoot, she took some time off to have some fun in the warm surf. This spelled disaster for her striped bandeau bikini top. While she frolicked in the waves, her top fell down, and bam! exposed you know what. Unluckily for Marisa (but luckily for you), photographers were close by to snap the million dollar shot. Marisa was able to quickly recover, and she pulled up her top and safely tucked her girls back in. Proving that sexy models can have a sense of humor, even in the face of embarrassing situations, Marisa appears to laugh at the situation as she fixes her wardrobe malfunction and continues to enjoy a gorgeous day on the beach.

Right Celebrity has a no nudity policy, but you can check out redacted bikini action here.

More photos and a video of Marisa Miller are below.

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