Al Gore Ice Sculpture

January 20, 2009

A businessman in Fairbanks, Alaska, has unveiled an ice sculpture of a shivering Al Gore. Read the rest of the story and see photos and video of Al Gore below.

Al Gore

In an attempt to draw attention to this winter’s bitterly cold temperatures, businessman Craig Compeau commissioned an ice sculpture of former Vice President Al Gore. The sculpture weighs 5 tons and is 8.5 feet tall and depicts the champion of global warming shivering in the Alaskan cold. The sculpture stands on a street corner in Fairbanks on the back of a flat bed truck, where it will remain until March – unless it melts first. Given that the temperature at the unveiling was only 22 degrees, it appears as though shivering Al may be with the townspeople for a while.

The sculpture highlights the bitter cold that the nation has experienced this winter. One city in Alaska recorded temps at negative 78 degrees about a week or so ago. Yes, you read that right. Compeau, a moderate skeptic of the global warming theories that Al won a Nobel Prize for educating others about, got the idea for the sculpture two weeks ago when Alaska was in the midst of that horrid cold snap. He commissioned local artist Steve Dean to create the work of art, however in the two weeks it took him to complete it, Alaska experienced record highs in the 40s. Compeau invited the former VP to visit Alaska and explain man-made global warming. You can see photos of the sculpture at, and you can see a video about the making-of the sculpture below.

More photos and a video of Al Gore are below.

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