Barbie Orr is John Cleese Girlfriend

January 19, 2009

Meet Barbie Orr, the new (and young) girlfriend of comedic actor John Cleese. Read the rest of the story and a biography of Barbie Orr, and see photos and video of John Cleese below.

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Barbie Orr is making headlines after she talked about her love life with 69 year old John Cleese. 42 years his junior, she opened up about how the aging comedic star “downs a cocktail of vitamins” to keep up with her. She also says that, “for an old guy,” John’s goods are… pretty good. What a lovely mental image :-P

Born in 1981 in New York, Barbie Orr is a 27 year old actress, professional comedienne, musician, animal wrangler, and voice over artist. She hosts numerous events, including ones for charity, and she is a paid weekly regular at famed The Comedy Store. She and her dog Diva (a Chinese Crested hairless) starred in a long-running national ad campaign for PetCo, and Diva often appears on stage with Barbie. You can check out photos of her on her website at

Barbie Orr met aging funnyman John Cleese in October 2008 at an audition. The pair connected over some laughs, and John asked her for her card, which she originally thought was for professional reasons. John admitted that he was drawn to her ass and her waist, and then told her that the bikini photo he saw on her website sealed the deal. They have been spotted out and about together, and onlookers have reported that the unlikely pair seem happy together.

Barbie is reportedly vegan, which fits right into John Cleese’s vegetarian lifestyle.

More photos and a video of Barbie Orr’s boyfriend, John Cleese, are below.

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One Response to “Barbie Orr is John Cleese Girlfriend”

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    Melinda Dillon Says:

    Records obtained in the US suggest that she has knocked an impressive 18 years off her age and is in fact 45.

    Nor would it seem that Barbie is her real name. Until she set her cap at Hollywood fame, she was known by the decidedly less showbizzy moniker of Kristine Reinhard.

    Records show she was born in New York in 1964 – although she gives her birth date as 1981 on her official website.

    A friend of Cleese said: ‘It’s all very embarrassing for John. He’s a proud man, but he is also a sucker for a pretty face. I think a few of his braver friends have warned him to be careful, because nobody wants to see him being made to look silly.’