Zoe Griffin is Kelly Osbourne Assault

January 19, 2009

Meet Zoe Griffin, the columnist rock daughter Kelly Osbourne assaulted. Read the rest of the story and see a biography, photos, and video of Zoe Griffin below.

Zoe Griffin

Zoe Griffin had a negative run-in with Sharon and Ozzy’s daughter, Kelly Osbourne, in August 2008. She states that Kelly approached her in London nightclub Punk in full view of her friends and everyone else, and slapped her in the face. She also says that Kelly returned a few minutes later and threatened her. All this stems from a story Zoe wrote in which she called Kelly’s fiance, Luke Worrall, “stupid” for not knowing what caused an earthquake.

On her own accord, Kelly went to the police and was officially arrested for the incident. She was released on bail and is due in court in March.

I couldn’t find much of anything on Zoe Griffin – not even an age. :( She’s a young brown haired, brown eyed beauty who is a gossip columnist for the Sunday Mirror in the UK. Judging by the incident with Kelly Osbourne, Zoe is the kind of writer who speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to call someone “stupid.” She wrote about the alleged assault, which occurred on August 29, 2008, and said she wasn’t going to back down. She also had a few choice adjectives to describe Kelly herself, clearly showing she was not afraid of the rock offspring.

Zoe Griffin also posts on The Mirror’s YouTube channel with a video series called “Zoe’s Midweek Mash Up”.

More photos and a video of Zoe Griffin are below.

Zoe Griffin 2Zoe Griffin 3Zoe Griffin 4Zoe Griffin 5Zoe Griffin 6

Photos: wenn.com

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