Erik Chopin Is Biggest Loser Winner Gains Weight

January 19, 2009

Meet Erik Chopin, the winner of the hit reality television show “The Biggest Loser” who has since struggled to keep the weight off. See his biography, photos and video here.

Erik Chopin

In December 2006, Erik Chopin was crowned “The Biggest Loser” after dropping 214 lbs for a final weigh-in of 193 lbs. Since then, Erik returned to his deli in New York and has struggled to maintain his dramatic weight loss. He has gained back 122 lbs. He appeared on Oprah to tell the world that he felt like a fraud now, having let down the people who had once looked to him for inspiration.

As a biography, Erik Chopin is from West Islip, New York. He is approximately 38 years old. He owns a deli on Long Island. He is married with children.

After his success on “The Biggest Loser”, Erik appeared on Diabetes Magazine to share with the world his transformation. After his dramatic weight loss, he also improved his health in a huge way, no longer suffering from Type II diabetes. He had undergone a body-lift surgery to remove the 12 lbs. of excess skin that remained after his weight loss.

Since his weight gain, Erik has tried to hide it. He continued using old photos on social networking sites and refused an invitation to appear on a “Biggest Loser” reunion on Oprah.

See more photos of Erik Chopin and a video below.

Erik Chopin 1

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