Patricia Araujo is Transgender Model

January 17, 2009

Meet Patricia Araujo, a Brazilian fashion Transgender model. She stole other models the show at the main fashion event of the year in Rio. See a photo, video and a biography of Patricia Araujo here.

Patricia Araujo 1

It was the main fashion event in Rio, Transgender model Patricia Araujo was presenting fashion for Complexo B designer Beto Neves and impressed the fashion world, she earned a roaring applause from hundreds of guests at the event.
She also stated:

“I love to be mobbed by the press, I’ve always dreamed of being famous.”

As a biography Patricia Araujo was born February 14th 1983 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her legal name is Patricia Oliveira. Her measurements are: 44D-28-43 (113-70-110) Height: 5’9″ (1.76 m) Weight: 150 lb (64 kg). She is a successful fashion Transgender model, who is also linked in the adult movie scene. She started a hormone therapy replacement on her own. Her plan was simple, to get her hands on the hormones, she went to a pharmacy and told them the medication was for her mother.

Shortly after Patricia Araujo started the treatment her breasts began to grow. After she had graduated from school, she started her career as a transsexual model. She also worked for an escort service in Rio. It was stated that she had various appearances in adult movies. According to internet polls, Araujo ranks very high among the most popular Brazilian adult models. She is known for rarely showing her breasts even when completely nude. This is linked to her girls being wall eyed (pointing outwards).

Patricia Araujo achieved some negative reputation when photos of her were posted online as a joke. The pictures showed her stripping and were emailed and passed along between straight males, who were at first stimulated by the pictures of this Brazilian Beauty until the last photo were she revealed her penis. The transgender pictures were quickly followed by a photo of Erik Estrada with the slur “YOU’RE A HOMO”.

You can see another photo of Patricia Araujo here
She also owns a myspace and facebook profile were you can go for more.

You can watch a private video of her below.

Patricia Araujo

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3 Responses to “Patricia Araujo is Transgender Model”

  1. 1
    Kathy Says:

    Katja – “She-male” is considered an offensive term akin to calling someone a “fag” model or a “spic” model.

    Please see the GLAAD media guide:

  2. 2
    Katja Says:

    Hello Kathy,

    I’m sorry, it was not my intention to offend anybody with this term. I have replaced it with a more proper definition.


  3. 3
    Mac Says:

    If shemale is a considered offensive, why are there so many web sites, movies, and magazines using the “term” to make a profit? It’s offensive but transgender lend themselves to the use of their movies and pictures under the shemale title to make money and call the attention of people who are looking for that kind of p0rn. If it’s offensive, why do transgender exploit the term and profit from it?