Tasmin Lucia Khan is Breathless BBC Reporter

January 18, 2009

This is Tasmin Lucia Khan. She’s a BBC newsreader and she is ‘breathless’. Read her biography below, see photos of her and watch a video.

Tasmin Lucia Khan

BBC Three’s Tasmin Lucia Khan reportedly had her male viewers all hot and bothered when she recently read, what was suppose to have been a 3-minute news bulletin, hopelessly out of breath. Some Brits say it was all shockingly suspicious! Although she would normally appear at the beginning of every program for a news break (similarly to our cable news breaks here), only Tasmin’s voice could be heard in the broadcast. She managed just 28 words before her producers decided to pull the news bulletin altogether, causing speculation and rumors of everything from picking up the wrong script to asthma to something just a wee bit more naughty!

And you know what was bound to happen…her breathy delivery was promptly popped on YouTube where excited viewers continued the speculation about what could have caused her nervous sighs and gasps. The BBC insisted Tamsin’s breathlessness had been caused by her late arrival in the studio. You can watch the ‘Breathless’ video after the jump and decide for yourself!

Tasmin Lucia Khan, age 27, is currently one of 2 hosts for the BBC’s Three’s innovative 60 Seconds News Bulletin.

Tasmin’s presenting career began in 2000 at the Zee TV Network as entertainment presenter and news reporter. Later she hosted her own talk show interviewing celebrities from the world of film, music and business. She was also the London correspondent for PTV Prime, reporting the UK’s top news stories to a worldwide audience. She credits News Controller Kevin Bakhurst as one of her mentors at the BBC by giving her feedback that helped develop her on-air style.

Tasmin graduated from Oxford University with an honors degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. She was a debater at Oxford where she specialised in International Relations and Economics.

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2 Responses to “Tasmin Lucia Khan is Breathless BBC Reporter”

  1. 1
    John Says:

    I think she may have got there late and lost control and started to pee herself.

  2. 2
    Steph Says:

    A 3 minute news bulletin ?! The bulletin is called 60 Seconds.