Mark Ndesandjo is Obama’s Brother

January 17, 2009

Meet Mark Ndesandjo, half brother of president elect Barack Obama. He is a writer, painter and composer who currently lives in Shenzhen, China. See photos, video and a biography of Mark Ndesandjo here.

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Mark Ndesandjo performed a fundraiser piano concert at a posh hotel resort in China earlier today. 200 people showed up for the concert, which was not promoted using his family ties. As a matter of fact, he prefers a quiet life, separate from his brother Barack Obama.

Mark Ndesandjo was born in Kenya as son of Ruth Nidesand and Barack Obama Sr., we have no information on his current age. He studied Communications at Brown and Stanford Universities , he later worked at Lucent Technologies and Notel Networks in higher positions. He also spends a lot of his time in the US, but since 2002 he lives in Shenzhen, China.

Since June 2002, Mark Ndesandjo has been teaching children weekly at the Shenzhen Social Welfare Center how to play piano. Ever since then he has taught several dozen piano students, two students studied with him for more than two years, Xing Yun and Long Ben. His goal is to bring the art of music to the orphans. Mark strongly believes that art plays a essential factor which is needed in their life.

So far he has released 3 music cd’s, he also published a book titled “Observations in Africa and others” which is a semi-autobiography. But that is not all, Mark Ndesandjo is a successful businessman who works for a company World Nexus, providing website design and PR advice to Chinese firms looking to expand into English-speaking markets. You can read more about the company and his involvement here.

Mark Ndesandjo is currently engaged to a Chinese woman from Henan Province. In 2003 he fulfilled the dream of his own “food chain” restaurant which is called Cabin BBQ, that offers natural food, for example grilled tofu and potato chips. Cabin BBQ has seven branches so far, in northwest China and in Shenzhen. His actual plan is to offer this food to his country men in Kenya. The Cabin BBQ hut is already in planning for the Kenyan market.

You can see more pictures and read more about Mark Ndesandjo in depth here.

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