Lahna Turner is Ralphie May Wife

January 16, 2009

Meet Lahna Turner, a Canadian Comedienne who is the wife of American stand-up comedian Ralphie May. See photos, video and a biography of Lahna Turner here.

lahna turner

Lahna Turner and Ralphie May made an ultrasound footage of their daughter “April June May” (that happens when your parents are comedians) who was born September 5th, 2007 available to the public on youtube. You can view the video here.

Lahna Turner was born in Canada, and is of Jewish/American decent. She is a Comedienne and musician. She is currently on tour in the US, including Gigs in New Jersey, Kansas, Indianapolis, Tennessee and California. She had appearances on Comedy Central, VH1 and NBC. She has released her album: “D!@k Jokes & Other Assorted Love Songs” , which was recorded live in Las Vegas and “Life as a Human” which is available as an free download on her Myspace page.

Lahna Turner has a very special funny humor, her song titles include titles like: “F Off F-ing F-er’, “Lesbian Song” and “Dating a Fat Guy”. ( please note that this is related to her husband Ralphie May who once weighed over 800 pounds. He underwent gastric bypass surgery. On the television show Celebrity Fit Club, he lost 270 pounds. He now weighs 394 pounds and continues to lose weight according to a recent announcement).

Lahna Turner married comedian Ralphie May on July 3rd, 2005. You can listen to her Jokes at top radio stations across the country. The couple currently resides Los Angeles. We have very little information about her age or measurements, feel free to leave a comment to complete this information. You can read and see more about Lahna here.

A video of Lahna Turner is below.

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