Hudson River Plane Crash

January 15, 2009

A plane crashed in the Hudson River this afternoon; thankfully all passengers have reportedly survived. US Air Flight 1549 may have suffered engine failure when a flock of geese got caught up in the engine. See pictures and video here.

new york plance crash 2

US Air Flight 1549 crashed into New York’s Hudson River while en route from LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte, NC today. Miraculously, all passengers were rescued from the frigid waters. People working in buildings near by got out to snap some amazing pictures, which you can see here.

A passenger described the crash to Reuters:

“The engine blew. There was fire everywhere and it smelled like gas,” says Jeff Kolodjay. “People were bleeding all over. We hit the water pretty hard. It was scary.”

Ferries and local water taxi services rushed to rescue passengers, some of which had already lined up on the plane’s wings, which was half-submerged in the freezing water.

A flock of geese getting caught up in the plane engine may have cause the plane to go down. Bird strikes happen most often during take-off and landing, or during a low altitude flight. One potentially serious danger is jet engine ingestion, where the flock of birds is ingested into the engine. Bird strikes are responsible for bringing down five large jet airlines since 1975, and causes over $600 million in damages in the US each year. Check out some shocking pictures of bird strikes here.

I am so glad this ends with all the passengers surviving. What a miracle!

More plane crash photos along with video below.

new york plance crash 2new york plane crash

Photo Credit: Janis Krums & Jim Davidson

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