Katrina Darrell: American Idol Bikini Girl

January 14, 2009

Meet Katrina Darrell, who appeared on the season premiere of American Idol last night and is now known as the Bikini Girl. See more photos, video and read a biography of Katrina below.

Katrina Darrell

Katrina Darrell walked into her American Idol audition in Phoenix, Arizona wearing nothing but a bikini. It was her way to get the judges’ attention, and it certainly worked. She said:

“I came dressed in my bathing suit to American idol because, first of all, I figured it would set me apart from the crowd, and secondly because I heard it was a crazy audition process and I figured, well, at least I’ll have a tan.”

I laughed when I saw Simon Cowell’s eyes as she walked to her spot in the audition room. She sang Mariah Carey’s ‘Vision of Love’ and eh, I was not that impressed. New judge Kara DioGuardi told her, “You don’t have the chops to sing that song, sweetie”, to which Darrell retorted, “But your demonstration wasn’t any better.” Hmmm. Probably not a good idea to be insulting the judges. As far as Darrell making it to Hollywood, both Simon and Randy gave a resounding yes (obviously not for her singing), while Paula and Kara thought she was terrible. In the end, she received the coveted golden piece of paper to Hollywood. We’ll see what she has in store for us next.

Our friends over at Coed Magazine have hundreds of photos of her! Check them out here.

As a biography, all we know about Katrina Darrell the Bikini Girl is that she is a part-time model who hails from Chino Hills, California. She is 20 years old.

Check out more hot photos and video of Katrina Darrell below.

Katrina Darrell Katrina Darrell Katrina Darrell Katrina Darrell

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