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January 13, 2009

Blake Lively is quickly becoming a Hollywood “It girl.? But still some are surprised that she landed the cover of one of the most coveted high fashion magazines, Vogue. Blake graces the pages of the magazine in the February issue of the publication, where she dishes on her fashion style that the city and Gossip Girl has given her. Check out pictures and a bit from the interview here.

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Blake Lively looks stunning on the cover of fashion magazine, Vogue. Although some have really become upset over the television actress landing the cover, and have even threatened to cancel their subscriptions to the mag for having to many “stars? on the cover.
But Vogue defends the cover,

“She’s the girl of the moment who also has a hit show that people watch as much for the fashion as for the show itself,” says Vogue spokesman Patrick O’Connell.

The fact remains that many of us, yes me, tune into Gossip Girl not only for their snarky dialect and plot lines, but also for the absolutely to die for fashion. Blake tells the magazine that the city has developed her fashion sense.

“The fashion is just unbelievable [on Gossip Girl]. You can watch our show on mute and be entertained. Just being here [in New York City], walking around, you pick it up really quickly. In New York, you put on skinny jeans and riding boots and a leather coat and handbag, and you take on that posture and character. It becomes very natural.”

She looks fab in that Marc Jacobs dress!

Check out Blake’s beautiful pictures, and full interview here. More pictures below.

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