Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery (Photos)

January 12, 2009

Everybody is talking about Mickey Rourke and whether or not he’s had plastic surgery. If not, then what happened to his face? Here are before and after photos of him. Check out the photos and video below and you tell me.

mickey rourke 3

Remember when Mickey Rourke was hot? Check him out in the photo above from when he made 9 1/2 Weeks with Kim Basinger. Rent the movie. Watch it. Then tell me the dude wasn’t hot. He specialized as the dashing bad boy and never struck me as the type to do whatever he’s done to his face. He seemed to not care about his looks. He was ruggedly handsome and was into boxing and living on the edge. Apparently he cared more than it seemed he did.

Check out these photos of him in his heyday during the early 1990s. Sizzlin’.

mickey rourke 4 mickey rourke 2

Then he kind of disappeared from the movie scene for a while. He’s been making a remarkable comeback lately. Just last night he won a Golden Globe for his starring role in The Wrestler and is said to be a contender for an Oscar.

During his break from Hollywood he devoted full time to a boxing career. A lot of people choose to believe that the damage to his face is from hits he took boxing. However, if you look at his ‘after’ pictures below, you can easily see the tell tale signs of face lifts and seemingly numerous plastic surgeries. Its one thing to have a broken nose or face damage from being hit. Its another to have your skin pulled up and tucked behind your ears and your eyes slanting upwards.

Sadly, he might have read all the blogs that have been discussing his plastic surgery for a while now because he’s started wearing a mustache, beard, hair in his face and sunglasses. He did admit that he went to ‘a certain kind of doctor’ to make things different. It looks like it did make things different, but not in a good way.

mickey rourke 5 mickey rourke mickey rourke 1

Mickey Rourke’s Comeback – Video

Photos: wenn.com

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24 Responses to “Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery (Photos)”

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  1. 1
    mike Says:

    Interesting. You should do the same thing with Nic Cage. Start with “Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ (When he was Nicolas Coppola) and go up to ‘Ghost Rider’. It’s kind of stunning.

  2. 2
    lyn Says:

    This is very sad! This guy use to be an SEX machine an a half. He was so friggin gorgous.

  3. 3
    RIBS Says:

    You know he reminds me of the saying “sad old bear”. While I can see something has happened to him, its hard to put ones finger on it. Steroids? Botox? Too much alcohol? Drugs? Just old age? Bad surgeries? Or some combination thereof? His face looks the same in every picture I see of him lately. Frozen pasted half smile/smirk. His talent is still there, his looks….well….he doesn’t look right, but he isn’t ugly exactly….he looks used hard and put up wet….and just a sad old bear! I hope his success continues and that his comeback leads to other great adventures in acting. Its hard not to look at him and its hard to figure out exactly what has happened to him. I noticed in some of his pictures he stands a little odd for such a tough guy, reminds me of a guy I knew from high school, cute as a bug, but couldn’t stop using drugs or alcohol, until his looks were gone. Then he hit rehab, but still had those unbelievable funny legs! Good luck Mickey!

  4. 4
    pdiddy Says:

    i think its just a product of his boxing career + old age. He aint no spring chicken anymore.

  5. 5
    Candace Says:

    yeah, I still find him to be a Sexy Beast!

  6. 6
    Joyce St.Martin Says:

    Give this man a break. he is a good man,and just hasn’t had a chance from anyone but me, to know that he is. our past needs to be forgiven. He is not the same person any more.

  7. 7
    Mickey Fan Says:

    I Love Mickey then and now! Hope he wins The Oscar! He is facinating and a great actor!!! Hot!

  8. 8
    Terry Says:

    Oh my gosh!! He WAS so sexy, he now looks like a truck ran into him! I am so sad, please doctor’s stop performing surgery on these sad sad people. Mickey go back into hiding, or go find a reputable doctor to fix your face. This is not old age, this is a butcher job.

  9. 9
    Carol Says:

    I really don’t care what he looks like he’s a good actor.

  10. 10
    louise kahn Says:

    when you’re hot… you’re hot. he’s THE same guy, only more experienced. he just looks like there’s a sweetness there, like he knows how to treat a woman. anyway,it’s not the face that matters (although he looks good to me!) it’s the voice, the lips, the body, the sense of himself. mickey rouke looks better today for having lived his life than he did as a cute kid.
    it’s all written there and THAT’S what makes mickey rourke amazingly hot. would i throw HIM out of bed for eating crackers?? Are you nuts???

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