Annie Wersching is 24 FBI Agent

January 12, 2009

The 24 season 7 premiere was last night and it didn’t disappoint. A new cast member played a prominent role. Annie Wersching played FBI agent Renee Walker. Read her biography and see photos and a video of her below.

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So what did you think of the premiere of 24 season 7? The two hour season premiere introduced a new character. FBI agent Renee Walker. She walked into a senate hearing in which Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland) was defending his expertise at torture techniques. She took him out of the hearing and asked for his help in …. you guessed it …. stopping terrorists. This time the terrorist they are trying to stop is his good friend Tony Almeida (played by Carlos Bernard) who everyone thought had died in Jack’s arms a couple of seasons ago. Even Bauer didn’t believe he was still alive.

Well, we don’t know yet what Almeida is up to and Bauer didn’t torture or kill anyone in the entire first two hours of the season. But don’t worry, we still have two more hours of the premiere to look forward to on Monday night and it would be much too much to expect him to go THAT long without more violence.

We already suspect that things are moving in that direction. Annie Wersching’s character, Renee Walker, told her boss that she could control Bauer when she took him out on the job. By the end of the second hour, Bauer was driving the car and telling her that they had tried it her way, now they were going to try it his way. Rumor has it that by the fourth hour, she’ll be doing things that will make Bauer proud!

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of the lovely freckled beauty, Annie Wersching, as she and Kiefer Sutherland work their way through a very thrilling, action packed 24 hours! Oh, and I hope she last longer than many of his other partners and/or love interests.

Learn more about her in the biography below.

Annie Wersching was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She was born on July 1, 1972 and is 36 years old. Her father was a teacher and her mother owned a flower shop. She graduated from Crossroads High School in St. Louis. She received a degree in musical theatre from Millikin University.

Wersching competed in Irish dance as a youth. She danced with the St. Louis Celtic stepdancers for fourteen years. From there she moved to Chicago and worked in several touring companies and theaters. She moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and continued her stage career. She began taking roles in several television shows including Star Trek: Enterprise, Journeyman, Boston Legal, Cold Case, Supernatural, Frasier, Charmed, Killer Instinct among others.

In March 2008, she began work on the soap opera General Hospital as television producer Amelia Joffe. Her most recent and highest profile role is her new role as Agent Renee Walker on the hit television series 24.

On her website she list as special skills burping on cue and face contortionist among other more conventional talents.

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