Elena Eustache Is Naveen Andrews’ Ex

January 8, 2009

Meet Elena Eustache, the ex of “Lost” star Naveen Andrews and an actress in her own right. See her biography, photos and video here.

Naveen Andrews

Elena and her ex-paramour, Naveen Andrews, have just ended an extended custody battle of their 3-year-old son, Naveen Joshua. Andrews walked away with temporary sole legal and sole physical custody because Elena had taken the child out of Los Angeles County without permission and withheld visitation. Now Elena claims that Andrews and his current girlfriend, Barbara Hershey, used witchcraft to influence the custody proceedings and poisoned the child. Not surprisingly, Andrews’ attorney is now requesting psychiatric testing.

As a biography, Elena Eustache was born May 31, 1974 in the Czech Republic, so her age is 34. Her measurements are 5’6″, 110 lbs. She began acting at the age of six and studied at the Dramatic School of Art in Prague from the age 10. In 1999, she moved to New York to study directing at New York University. In addition to acting and directing, Elena has experience as a stand-up comic, appearing at the Laugh Factory in New York and Los Angeles several times.

Elena’s movie career is beginning to take off. She appeared in 2008’s “La Benediction” and has just finished filming “The Informant”, which also stars Matt Damon.

Elena’s involvement with Naveen Andrews was denied originally, as he had been with on-again, off-again (and now on-again) girlfriend Barbara Hershey at the time the romantic affair became news. A pregnant Elena alleged that she had had relations with Andrews, which he denied. However, after a DNA test showed that Andrews was the father, he admitted the “sexual encounter” and stepped up to the plate with his son.

See more photos of Naveen Andrews and Barbara Hershey and a video of Elena Eustache’s stand-up below.

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Photos: wenn.com

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