Richard Batista Is Dawnell Batista Divorce

January 8, 2009

Richard Batista wants his kidney back from his estranged wife Dawnell Batista. He gave her his kidney back in 2001 to save her life. Now the marriage has gone sour and his only demand is his kidney. Read more and check out video here.

Dr. Richard Batista is a leading Long Island vascular surgeon and Cornell graduate. In 2001 his wife and mother of his three children, Dawnell Batista, suffered renal failure. She needed a kidney transplant, and he turned out to be a match. He donated his kidney and saved her life.

“She was my wife. My priority was to save her life, save her life and future of our children and hopefully with that in mind keep the marriage alive. When I donated … the next day on my feet going down hallway to visit her in adjoining room, there was no greater feeling on this planet,? he told CBS. As God is my witness, I felt I could put my arm around Jesus Christ. [It was] unbelievable. I was walking on a cloud. I did the right thing for her to this day. I could still do it again.”

However, the happy ending didn’t last long. In 2005 Dawnell filed for divorce, and threw him out of their million-dollar Massapequa home. He accused her of having an affair. Now he is demanding his kidney back because his wife is allegedly denying him contact with their children. He wants the kidney or $1.5million in compensation.

But according to Doctors, an operation to return the kidney is unethical and nearly impossible. It is also illegal for an organ to be exchanged for anything of value and organs in the United States cannot be bought or sold. Furthermore, donating one is considered a gift.

Dawnell Batista has not publicly commented.

The sad thing about this is, the kids have to know what is going on and will more than likely resent their father for dragging this divorce through the media and making it harder on them. Sure, he has a right to be hurt by the divorce, but he saved the mother of his children. I would hate to think he would have it any other way.

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One Response to “Richard Batista Is Dawnell Batista Divorce”

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    donna Says:

    I went to High School with Dawn and she was a sweet person. I feel for her and what she’s going through.