Lily Allen Defends the Cocaine and Other Wednesday Links

January 7, 2009
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Lily Allen says cocaine isn’t all that bad. dlisted

Lisa Rinna admits going a little overboard on the plastic surgery. Anything Hollywood

Mickey Rourke smokes the wrong end of a cigarette. The Evil Beet

Kevin Federline’s got a new girlfriend, and that new girlfriend has a cash flow problem. The Superficial

An adorable family photo of Britney Spears and the boys. Damn I’m Cute

Which singer has halitosis so bad she can’t share a microphone with anyone? Some say it’s Beyonce. Jossip

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal going strong, going shopping. D’ana’s Dirt

Maria Menounos denies implant rumors. The Deli

What the Concord guys would look like with steroids. Golden Fiddle

T.I. sued for child support. Crunk and Disorderly

Photos: WENN

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