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January 7, 2009

The beautiful Isla Fisher graces the February issue of InStyle where she talks Borat, babies and Hollywood. She looks amazing on the cover and inset. Take a look at the pictures and read a bit of her interview here!

isla fisher InStyle

Isla Fisher looks stunning in the Feb. issue of InStyle. Judging by how she looks all the time, you would never know it, but Isla tells the magazine that she is not a very good clothes shopper.

“I shop very rarely and very poorly. The [fashion] things I buy are rarely a hit. I’ll see something I like, and then take it home and it doesn’t work with anything else. ”

She also dishes on her first red carpet disaster:

“At the Golden Globes last year, I wore this beautiful midnight blue Hervé Léger dress with a fitted bodice and a huge skirt – it was incredible, like a princess meets a slut. But someone stepped on my train and ripped the back. There’s a classic shot where I’m smiling really serenely over my shoulder, but my tush is totally exposed! The Sun called me ‘Isla Flasher’, but what can you do?”

She also tells InStyle about her first Hollywood experience:

“I met with one big agent and he goes to me, ‘You are so talented’. I said, ‘Oh, gosh, thank you. What have you seen me in? ‘And he said, ‘Nothing.’ It was my first real taste of Hollywood.”

And despite her body being totally fab, Isla says she is not an “exercise person”:

“You know the point where somebody working out starts to feel tired? Apparently, you get this second wind and you really start to sweat, and that’s when you get addicted. But for me, that’s the point I get off and have a cup of tea and a slice of cake.”

Isla also dished on her personal life with Sacha Baron Cohen:

“Most people can say to their partners, ‘How was your day at work? What time are you home for dinner? ‘ I have to say, ‘Are you getting sued? Have you been arrested? Are you in jail? Are all your limbs still attached? ‘ He has more lawsuits than the Baldwin brothers.”

For more of Isla’s interview, check out InStyle!

More photos and video trailer of her new movie Definitely, Maybe below.

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