Crystal Harris Is Hugh Hefner Girfriend

January 6, 2009

Meet Crystal Harris, the third girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, and self-proclaimed “good girl.�? Read more and check out her hot pictures here.

crystal harris 2

Hef has not wasted any time since ending things with his previous girlfriends Holly, Bridget, and Kendra. Since the foursome has split, Hef has found himself two 19 year old, blonde twins and his latest edition, Crystal Harris.

Crystal is a 22-year-old blonde hottie who has semi-nude pictures of herself on her myspace page, if you want to do some digging. Crystal also calls herself a “good girl�? on her page. She has been photographed several times with the Playboy tycoon, but has never gotten a formal introduction. She introduced herself on a message board for E! online saying,

“Hef gave me permission to fill people in on the new updates as a voice from the mansion. No other girlfriends are in the mix at this time, but “there are a couple that we have interest in. … As for now, it is just us three.”

Crystal has not posed nude for Playboy, yet. But she did do a topless and semi-nude photo shoot as a Co-ed of the Week on She is a hottie, so they are worth looking for, with her 34-25-24 measurements, it’s hard to take a bad picture of this buxom blonde.

E! has not confirmed whether they’ll renew the hit series “The Girls Next Door,” with the new girlfriends. Would you watch?

See more photos and video below.

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Photos: WENN

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