Daren Kagasoff is ‘Secret Life of an American Teenager’ Actor

January 4, 2009

Meet Daren Kagasoff, star of the ABC Family series ‘The Secret Life of an American Teenager’. Read the rest of the story and see a biography, photos and video of Daren Kagasoff below.

Daren Kagasoff

Daren Kagasoff is one of the young stars of the ABC Family series ‘The Secret Life of an American Teenager’. He plays Ricky Underwood, the father of Amy’s baby.

Daren Kagasoff was born September 16, 1987 in Encino, California. His dad’s a wholesale diamond dealer and his mom is a designer, and he is the middle of three children. While attending San Francisco State University, he decided he wanted to be an actor and moved back to Los Angeles. He landed the lead role in the play subUrbia. Unfortunately, the play got terrible reviews and the job didn’t last long.

Daren Kagasoff began taking acting lessons and going on auditions. The 21 year old got lucky with the 5th one, and he was picked for the role of Ricky Underwood on ‘The Secret Life of an American Teenager’. He dishes to the February 2009 edition of Teen Vogue about how he would love to emulate Emile Hirsch’s career, and says he would like to follow the careers of actors close to his young age.

More photos and a video of Daren Kagasoff are below.

Daren Kagasoff 2Daren Kagasoff 3Daren Kagasoff 4Daren Kagasoff 5

Photos: WENN

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