Kathy Travis is Suze Orman Girlfriend

January 4, 2009

Meet Kathy Travis, financial guru Suze Orman’s long-time girlfriend. Read the rest of the story and a biography of Kathy Travis below, and see photos and video of Suze Orman.

Suze Orman

In 2007, financial expert Suze Orman came out to the New York Times magazine. Not only did Suze out herself, but she admitted that she has never been with a man, and dubbed herself a “virgin.”

I couldn’t find a lot of biographical information on Kathy Travis, who Suze Orman calls “KT”. She has been with Suze for over seven years, and the couple has millions of dollars in their name. Suze says she is upset that she and Kathy cannot marry, as not being able to do so costs the couple a lot of money. She finds it upsetting that when she dies, Kathy will lose about half of Suze’s money to estate taxes, a problem that married couples wouldn’t have.

More photos and a video of Kathy Travis’ girlfriend, Suze Orman, are below.

Suze Orman 2Suze Orman 3Suze Orman 4Suze Orman 5Suze Orman 6

Photos: WENN

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One Response to “Kathy Travis is Suze Orman Girlfriend”

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    skeptic Says:

    BS – this is a caller called Kathy Komentas (sp?), from Waterford Connecticut. Suzy says “Come on, girlfriend…” but she says that all the time to her callers.