Jeff Kathrein is Jett Travolta’s Nanny

January 4, 2009

Jeff Kathrein reportedly is one of two Travolta family nannies. He was infamously photographed by paparazzi in a lip-lock with John Travolta several years ago, fueling speculation that he was Travolta’s gay lover. This has been catagorically denied by the Travolta family. He also was the one to first find Jett that fateful morning. Read more below, see a photo and watch a video.

John Travolta

Apparently, in 2006, Jeff Kathrein and John Travolta were caught by paparazzi locking lips. You can see the now infamous photo here. The Travolta camp’s official explanation: Why, John kisses everyone like that! We, at Right Celebrity, choose not to speculate any further at a sad time like this for the family.

According to this report, there is an update to what happened to 16 year old Jett Travolta:

Jett, his family and his two nannies had been boating on Jan. 1. They returned to their townhouse at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel at around 6 PM. Jett was tired, went into his bedroom and went to sleep. Nanny Jeff Kathrein watched TV in the adjoining room. The other nanny, Eli, returned to the townhouse at around 11:30 PM. Both Jeff and Eli turned in at around that time. After Jeff got up [the next morning], he went into the bathroom and discovered Jett laying on the floor.”

Travolta’s corporate and commercial attorney, Michael McDermott, tells TMZ Jeff and John Travolta administered CPR at the scene, as there may have been signs of respiratory function, but that has not been confirmed.

The suggestion Jett was unattended for 10 hours is being disputed. McDermott said it’s not unusual for Jett to sleep 12, even 16 hours a day, so Jett not being present is not unusual.

The Travolta’s have released a statement here about the tragic death of their son Jett. You can also read it at Kelly Preston’s website or John Travolta’s website.

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