Ginger Alexander is Trademark Properties Hottie

January 3, 2009

Meet Ginger Alexander, the hottie on the investments team with Trademark Properties. She can be seen on TLC’s ‘The Real Estate Pros’. Read a biography and see video of Ginger Alexander below.

Trademark Properties founder Richard Davis speaks very highly of Ginger Alexander on his TLC show ‘The Real Estate Pros’. Considered one of his right hand men, she has flourished at his company and quickly risen from intern to coordinator of investment properties.

Virginia Ginger Alexander was born in Charlotte, NC, and raised in Greenville, SC with her three siblings. She attended Clemson University and graduated with a B.S. in financial management, with a focus in real estate.

Ginger lives in Charleston, SC, and works as investment coordinator for Trademark Properties. A far cry from her original position as an intern, she handles all investments, from research to acquisition to renovation, to sale and closing. While she is the ultimate Southern Belle, she is sometimes described as a “wolf in sheeps clothing” for her ability to negotiate the hard deal. She’s also not afraid to get her designer shoes dirty as she crawls around dirty investment opportunities, often when her little white dog Jack in tow.

The TLC website lists her age at 27 (born in 1981). When not working with Trademark Properties, which she has spent the past seven years doing, she enjoys traveling, reading and hanging out with her dog, Jack.

A video featuring Ginger Alexander is below.

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One Response to “Ginger Alexander is Trademark Properties Hottie”

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    Carol Says:

    Is the show back on and if so…what channel. I live in the Dallas area and always loved watching it. I really miss it. Could someone please let me know where to go to watch The Real Deal or whatever it is now called.

    Thank you very much,

    CJB, Dallas, TX.