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January 2, 2009

Kate Hudson is the cover girl for the February 2009 issue of Elle. The actress is promoting her new movie Bride Wars, and dishes on her movie choices, the paparazzi and more. Read a bit from the interview and check out photos and video here.

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Kate Hudson looks incredible on the cover of Elle for next month’s issue. Can this beauty ever look bad? Seriously she looks amazing running errands, never mind with a full team of hair and make up people to make her look even better.

Kate is rockin’ a sexy canary yellow Dior dress, which would make anyone look fabulous! Kate reveals in her interview that she was often sent home from school for wearing skirts that were too short. She knew she had killer legs back then – no one wants to send you home now Kate!

Kate also goes off on the paparazzi:

“They’ve become an entity to themselves,�? she says. “But eventually they’ll implode. They’re creating a house of cards that will inevitably fall. These are not nice people. When you’re taking your child to school, and they’re trying to get on school property to get a picture, it literally makes you want to just smack them.�?

I hate it when stars get upset about paparazzi, they knew what the price of fame is, but in the case of kids, it is taken too far. The kids have no choice in it, and that’s not fair.

Kate also got defensive at the suggestion that she lacks range:

“I could be in an interview and people would keep going, ‘So why do you always do romantic comedies?’ Do I want to do darker roles? Of course. It has to be the right thing, though. I’m not just going to, like, make a movie that’s, Oh, she’s a whore, prostitute, and heroin addict.�?

I think she rocked in Skeleton Key and Almost Famous. She has range, but romantic comedies happen to be her niche. There is nothing wrong with that. I’d rather see a comedy any day then a depressing, “watch my life go down the drain�? movie.

Kate and Anne Hathaway star in Bride Wars, which opens next Friday, January 9.

See more photos and video below.

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Photos: WENN

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