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January 1, 2009

Eva Longoria Parker spices up the February 2009 cover of Glamour Magazine. Read the rest of the story and see photos and video of Eva Longoria Parker below.

Eva Longoria Parker

Eva Longoria Parker is Glamour Cover Girl

Desperate Housewives hottie Eva Longoria Parker sat down with Glamour Magazine for their February 2009 cover story. She talked a lot about love and her relationship with new husband, basketball player Tony Parker. She said that, while she and Tony would love to be together forever, they take things one day at a time rather than looking far down the road. On the nature of their relationship, she said:

“I’m the gardener. I definitely nurture. [My husband] is the flower. But there are times when Tony takes care of me—in an emotional sense, like, OK, let me take the reins on this one. But I love to take care of him. I’m really a very fifties housewife.?

She said that she enjoys cooking dinner and making sure her husband’s shirts are ironed and he is packed and ready to go when he has to travel. On taking Tony’s last name, she said that Tony didn’t care one way or the other, but that she loves the tradition of doing so, and finds it very romantic.

She also explained that Tony is very romantic and “full of surprises.” He does both little and big things – everything from a surprise party to a little note he leaves in her bag. She finds all things equally as precious.

On the baby front and the weight her Desperate Housewives character has gained, she explains that it’s a fat suit. She even showed Glamour some foam that they stuff into her bra. She said:

“I’m wearing a fat suit! It’s suffocating. Unfortunately, we live our life in public, so any weight gain or pimple is a national story. I don’t get this obsessions with weight. It’s not only Hollywood; it’s our society.?

More photos and a video of Eva Longoria Parker are below.

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Eva Longoria Parker Photos

Eva Longoria Parker Interview Video

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