Iris Bahr is Larry the Cable Guy Health Inspector Actress

December 28, 2008

Meet Iris Bahr. You might remember her from the movie Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector. Read Iris Bahr’s biography below, see photos and a really fun video.

Iris Bahr 2

Iris Bahr

Whether you’ve seen her in Curb Your Enthusiasm or Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, Iris Bahr is a remarkable talent. Her one-woman show called DAI which is Hebrew for ‘Enough’ is amazing. She wrote the monologue about a Tel Aviv cafe, only minutes before a suicide bomber enters. She plays all ten characters plus herself.

Iris recently participated as part of ‘Heeb Storytelling’ of irreverent Jewish pop culture at the famous M Bar in Los Angeles.

Iris Bahr Biography

Iris Bahr was raised in The Bronx, but moved to Israel at age 12. She served in the Israeli Army, where she attained the rank of sergeant. She has traveled throughout Southeast Asia and South America. Her memoir about her travels through Asia, titled Dork Whore was published by Bloomsbury Publishing in March 2007.

She attended Brown University, where she studied neuropsychology and religious studies. After school, she moved to New York and enrolled in the Actors Center Conservatory.

Iris has appeared on television programs such as Friends, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Strong Medicine, The Drew Carey Show, and The King of Queens. She also played a lead role in the 2006 film Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector.

In November 2006, she opened her one woman show called Dai or ‘Enough’ at the Culture Project in New York City. In the show, she plays ten different characters in a Tel Aviv restaurant.

Iris Bahr currently does a weekly commentary on KCRW entitled ‘Social Studies’, featuring one of her characters – Svetlana, a Russian lady of the night and proprietor of the ‘St. Petersburg House of Discreet Pleasure.’

You can watch a video of Iris as ‘Svetlana’ below the fold.

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Iris Bahr Photos

Iris Bahr ‘Russian Whore Svetlana explores LA fashion’

Photos: WENN

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