Victoria Heil Is Tennessee Philanthropist

December 28, 2008

Meet Victoria Heil, a very generous philanthropist. See her biography and photos here.

Victoria Heil

Victoria Heil Soft Drink Company

Victoria Heil Biography

As a biography, Victoria Heil is a philanthropist who lives in Tennessee. In December 2007, she and Dr. Eric Raefsky donated to Next Stage, Inc., an organization that provides services to homeless veterans. They also donated to CASA, the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, ASCO Cancer Foundation, and the Pencil Foundation, among others.

She is on the Board of Advisors of the Brown Dog Foundation, which is an organization that provides financial assistance to pet owners. When a pet requires life-saving treatment and the owner cannot afford it, the Brown Dog Foundation provides the owner the financial means to avoid euthanasia and save the pet.

Victoria is a big supporter of the Democratic Party. In 2008 alone, she donated $5,750 to the presidential campaign, either during the primaries or to Barack Obama’s final push for the White House. On the donation information, she is listed as retired and living in Hermitage, Tennessee.

Victoria Heil is also the name of a German soft drink company which translates to Victoria Baths and Mineral Wells GMBH.

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