Laura Zuniga Is Beauty Queen Gun Bust

December 23, 2008

Meet Laura Zuniga, the Mexican beauty queen who was recently arrested as part of an international gun bust. See her biography, photos and video here.

Laura Zuniga

Laura Zuniga

In a recent gun bust of international proportions, beauty queen Laura Zuniga was arrested along with other suspected gang members in a truck full of guns and ammunition. On December 22, 2008, Laura was riding in a truck stopped at a military checkpoint near Guadalajara when soldiers found an arsenal of weapons and $53,300 in US currency. She and seven other suspects were arrested.

Laura Zuniga Biography

As a biography, Laura Zuniga was born on January 3, 1985, so her age is 23. She is from Sinaloa, Mexico, a state on the pacific coast of Mexico with a well-known gang of the same name.

Laura is a successful beauty pageant participant. In July 2008 she was named Miss Sinaloa. Her victory speech focused on women, and how society should value them more. In September she won third place in the Nuestra Belleza Mexico pageant, which meant she would compete in the 2009 Miss International pageant. In October she won the Hispanoamerican Queen beauty contest in Bolivia.

As for the involvement with the gun truck, Laura says she was only going with the men to Bolivia and Colombia to go shopping. It seems that her boyfriend was the head of the group, suspected of smuggling cocaine from Colombia through Mexico and into the United States. A turf war between the Juarez Cartel and Carrillo Fuentes has claimed the lives of 1400 people in Juarez this year. Nuestra Bellezza is now investigating Laura’s involvement and whether she will be able to keep her crown.

See more photos of Laura Zuniga and a video below.

Laura Zuniga Video – Nuestra Bellezza 2008

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One Response to “Laura Zuniga Is Beauty Queen Gun Bust”

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    Lopez7 Says:

    I feel bad for her to be in this situation Karma is always there and eventhough she might or not be involved its not easy to live two lives at once. The truth always comes out when anyhow, I hope her only savior is God and faith.