Lance Armstrong baby with girlfriend Anna Hansen

December 23, 2008

Meet Anna Hansen, Lance Armstrong’s girlfriend. The couple just announced they are expecting a baby! Read the rest of the story and a biography of Anna Hansen below, and see photos and video.

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Lance Armstrong and girlfriend Anna Hansen are expecting

Cancer survivor and cycling phenom Lance Armstrong is expecting a baby with girlfriend Anna Hansen. Lance froze his sperm prior to receiving cancer treatment in 1996, and he has three other children with ex-wife Kristin, who conceived using those frozen swimmers and in vitro. This baby with Anna is the first he’s conceived naturally. (Lance clearly has super magic sperm!) Anna is due in June 2009, and the couple is said to be “thrilled.”

Anna Hansen Biography

I couldn’t find a ton of biography information on Anna Hansen. She is a Colorado native, and she graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Biology. She is a Program Manager and Recruiter for First Descents, an organization that provides whitewater kayaking and other outdoor adventure experiences to promote emotional, psychological and physical healing for young adults with cancer. She has been a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital in Denver and serves on the board of directors of Camp Wapiyapi, a foundation providing support for families with childhood cancer. She is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys mountain biking and snowboarding.

Anna Hansen met Lance Armstrong through charity work, and they have been quietly dating since July 2008, shortly after his relationship with Kate Hudson ended. Their baby was unplanned (obviously), and indicates that after all these years, testicular cancer survivor Lance’s sperm are working again. This is rare and only happens to a small handful of survivors.

More photos and a video of Lance Armstrong are below.

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Lance Armstrong Photos

Lance Armstrong Video

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17 Responses to “Lance Armstrong baby with girlfriend Anna Hansen”

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  1. 1
    Joseph K Says:

    Well he’s a great inspiration to a lot of people, not just to the world of cycling. He deserves credit for his charity work as well as being a tremendous athlete, and he’s worked hard to get where he is.

    I think it’s great!

    They should both be congratulated.

  2. 2
    ceequinn Says:

    I am certain they were just frolicking with all the confidence in the world that nothing would happen, and voila, she is knocked up. Too bad…

  3. 3
    jo Says:

    I’m familiar with who this woman is and the organization that she works with and would have loved to work with them. I considered applying and moving there. Its a dream job to me, really. Its extrodinary.

    Not that my opinion matters, but I believe THIS is the kind of woman that is best suited to Lance. She’s a powerful presence in her own right, without being domineering. She exudes a balance of strength, passion and gentleness. And she is just as dedicated to her pursuits of outdoors activities and excellence as he is to cycling. From what I know, I think of all the women I’ve heard of him being with, this will by far be the best match.

    I wish them many blessings and great success as a couple.

  4. 4
    Angie Says:

    I think his first wife, the one he has three kids with, was THE kind of woman best suited for Lance. He’s a cheater and will always be no matter how powerful or undomineering the girl is.

  5. 5
    Lance Says:


    Atleast he has a nut sack , unlike your bitch a$$. Grow a pair pal!!! I should not even respond to such trash like you, but ol’ one baller does things in life that a turd like you with two balls will NEVER do in life. Merry X-MAS !!!!!!

  6. 6
    Be a man Says:

    Inspiration, Congratulations, Blessings? Bull!

    How about this for Inspiration and Blessings:
    Do the right thing – Bring a child into the world with MARRIED, HUSBAND AND WIFE, parents.

    It’s easy to do what feels good. It takes a real man and a real woman to do the right thing.

  7. 7
    Lisa Says:

    Happy Holidays. I doubt that Lance would ever care to judge any of you on how you live your lives. I’m sure we all have hidden secrets that no one would ever admit to. Who cares if he’s a cheater. What goes around comes around and that’s how he chooses to live his life then he’ll be judged. He’s not the only man who does this, it’s just that it’s all over the news and you actually take the time to read it. He’s not as bad as others out there so give him a break. I’m not even a fan of cycling but am i believe that it’s very dangerous to judge others so harshly. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  8. 8
    CA Boy Says:

    I agree with Be a Man 100%. Lisa, complacency like yours is the reason the world seems to go in the wrong direction. Who cares if he cheats since other men do it? Get a grip! How about who cares if people steal or smack their spouses around every now and then? Nothing serious right? Other people do it and murderers and terrorists are far worse right? We need to set high standards for ourselves and hold other people to them as well so we leave the world a better place than we found it.

    Keep banging away Lance and don’t forget to hold a press conference afterward because there will always be a flock of retards who will clap, congratulate you, and wish you blessings and other fluffy nonsense. Why would you want to be an upstanding example to the next generation when you are only doing what comes natural? Your mom had you because she was banging some guy who refused to marry her and then disappeared. What a shock! Keep breeding, we need more people like you to inspire the rest of us!

  9. 9
    Raven Says:

    What is the matter with you people?!to go on and on and say the world is messed up because a child was conceived out of wedlock! This is not why we have problems. Our problems stem from the people that can’t think beyond what they believe in those people think there’s only one way its their way no matter how far fetched it is. People makes mistakes that won’t make you a bad parent! A giant congratulations to lance and his lady! He is living his life and defying the odds. What gives anyone the right to judge him? Don’t act like you’re perfect

  10. 10
    You make me sick! Says:

    You small minded people. I bet you don’t support stem cell research but would be the first in line if you needed a drug that came from it. What the matter with the world is the fact that there are bigger issues than having a child out of wedlock. If you have nothing good to say keep your mouth shut. He has inspired lots of people with cancer. But you in your perfect life don’t deal with that happens to the rest of the world. I support Lance 100% not as a cyclist but a person. So go read your little black book for the all the answers!

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