Todd Wilbur is Top Secret Recipes Chef

December 23, 2008

Todd Wilbur is the ‘Top Secret Recipes’ chef who claims his version of secret recipes comes closer to the originals then any other recipes out there. Read more about his interesting story below and watch a fun video.

From the Outback Steakhouse’s caesar dressing to McDonald’s Big Macs, chef Todd Wilbur, age 43, is in the copycat business. His website, which is, has many of the recipes for our favorite foods. And it all started with a cookie… a ‘Mrs. Fields’ cookie to be exact!

It seems sometime in the late 80’s, Todd received a chain letter of the Mrs. Fields Cookie Recipe. He tried the recipe but was very disappointed. The recipe he had was not the “secret formula.” The cookies he made tasted nothing like a delicious Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookie. So, instead of giving up, he kept practicing.

He began working in his kitchen on a recipe for a cookie that had the flavor, texture and appearance of a real Mrs. Fields cookie. Batch after batch the clones came closer to the real thing, until one day, bingo! He had the perfect Mrs. Field’s cookie and the first Top Secret Recipe was born.

Today Todd Wilbur clones all our favorite foods in his secret laboratory in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has eight ‘Top Secret Recipe’ cookbooks that are all bestsellers.

Todd Wilbur ‘How to Clone a Big Mac’ Video

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