Daniel Patrick Combs is Lindsay Lohan attacker

December 17, 2008

While leaving a nightclub in Scottsdale, Az, Lindsay Lohan was attacked by stalker Daniel Patrick Combs. Read the rest of the story and see photos and video of Lindsay Lohan below.

Daniel Patrick Combs

Daniel Patrick Combs

Lindsay Lohan was in Scottsdale, Az, with girlfriend Samantha Ronson. They were attending a Blackberry Luxe Club party at Jackrabbit Lounge, where Samantha was hired to DJ. On their way out the door around 1:25 am on December 17, Daniel Patrick Combs allegedly pushed a security guard as he lunged toward Lindsay. Security detained Combs until police arrived on the scene. Lindsay and Samantha, both untouched and unharmed, exited into a waiting SUV and were seen giggling as they got into the car. Police reports say that they noticed the scuffle with security, but were unaware of what was going on.

Club owner Dan Wierck said:

“The gentleman became very excited when he realized he was so close to Samantha and he has a history of being a stalker with Lindsay Lohan so he immediately attacked her and started yelling, ’I love her, I love her.’”

Wierck said that Combs has never been to the Jackrabbit Lounge before. He also said that Lindsay recognized Combs, although reports say that neither she nor Samantha knew him.

38 year old Combs was taken into custody and was released at 6 am on the promise to appear for one count of Disorderly Conduct.

More photos and a video of Lindsay Lohan are below.

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Lindsay Lohan Photos

Lindsay Lohan Attacked Video

Photos: WENN

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