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December 13, 2008

Celine Dion was caught in an provocative moment! Read the rest of the story and see photos of Celine Dion below.

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Celine Dion exposes more than she planned

Celine Dion gave the audience a bonus at a recent concert when she flashed her white panties during the show. The provocative moment happened when she was performing on stage. She appears to have squatted down while singing, and while she managed to keep her knees together, the audience got a shot of her panties between the top of her legs and the skirt on her pink dress. Check out the photo here.

Celine Dion is currently traveling around the world for her Taking Chances tour. She is currently in Mexico and will be back in the US later this month.

More photos and a video of Celine Dion are below.

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Celine Dion Photos

Celine Dion Grammy Performance Video

Photos: WENN

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