Hana Pestle: Beautiful Singer/Songwriter

December 12, 2008

Hana Pestle is a super talented singer songwriter with a beautiful voice. Right Celebrity was thrilled to interview her, and talk about her music, tour and more. Check out her pictures, videos and the interview here.

hana pestle
Hana Pestle

Hana Pestle began working on her debut album when she was just 17 years old and in high school. She traveled back and forth from her hometown in Billings, Montana to L.A. where she worked with David Campbell, the biological father of musical mastermind Beck. During a ten-month recording process they created her EP album. A full length album will come out next summer, but right now you can download or buy her EP album which features her single These Two Hands, Just a Phase, Hallelujah, and Together Forever.

Hana Pestle Biography

Hana Pestle is a native of beautiful Billings, Montana. She has worked with the legendary David Campbell, who has produced music for Alanis Morissette, Green Day, Michael Jackson, and Elton John. She has been on tour since she graduated high school, landing her first opening act for the Blues Traveler, Live, Collective Soul Tour. More recently, she has toured with Joshua Radin, Graham Colton, Ingram Hill and Jon McLaughlin.

The musicians that influence Hana range from Radiohead to Sarah McLachlan, to Incubus, Feist, and Jack Johnson. All of these artists play a small role in her innovative, incredible vocals and lyrics that set her apart from the rest, and deem her a force to be reckoned with. Her powerful single “These Two Hands” and cover of Leonard Cohen’s classic “Hallelujah,” are just a few of my favorite songs I have heard from Hana. You can check out those videos and more below.

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Hana Pestle Pictures

Hana Pestle “These Two Hands” Video

Hana Pestle “Hallelujah” Video

Ben Moody & Hana Pestle join Collective Soul for “Shine” Video

Hana Pestle Interview

You have a gorgeous voice, when did you start singing?
I started singing before I can even remember. We have tapes of me when I was like three performing for my family. But I started taking voice lessons when I was in fifth grade, I think.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue a singing career?
I think around 7th grade, because I did a solo in a Christmas concert and I was so nervous, but I was addicted to that rush that you get, you know when you’re on stage and I was obsessed. And since then I knew I wanted to do it.

Your voice has been described as being sweet and soft voice to a bold and soulful one. How would you describe your personal style?
Umm, I don’t know. My style… I would say awesome (laughs)…Ummm let’s see, singer songwriter alternatively. But my voice , yeah that kind of wraps it all up what you just said.

Where do you draw inspiration from when it comes to writing your music?
Pretty much anything. Anything and everything. I am from Montana and so pretty much beautiful landscape and nature really inspires me. Like hiking, or just going to the beach really inspires me. But also hard times or if I’m really annoyed at something or if I’m angry I’ll write. But pretty much anything and everything.

You have pretty much been on tour since graduating high school last year, how did things start happening for you?
Well, I was coming out to LA every month for like 10-12 days while I was finishing high school, while I was a senior. And then when I graduated I moved out to LA and started playing shows out here and started getting comfortable with playing out in the world, not just to borders of Billings, Montana. And I met my manager and they just put me on the road and it’s just been amazing, incredible.

Earlier in the year you toured with Collective Soul, Live and Blues Traveler, and more recently with Ingram Hill. Were you nervous opening and playing with those guys?
I was a little nervous with some of the Live and Collective Soul dates cause some of the places we played were so huge. We started at Red Rocks, and I was actually more anxious than anything. I wasn’t really nervous but it’s hard not to be a little intimated when you’re about to go out on a stage that the Beetles have played on it’s pretty much incredible. It was so fun. Eventually I just got used to the really big places that we would play. It’s been really fun and amazing.

Have you lost some of your anxiety opening for big acts and big venues?
Definitely. The first time I sang in 7th grade I was so nervous, but I jut kept playing and performing. I learned to play the guitar and started performing my own songs. And after about a year of performing I stopped getting nervous and now I don’t get nervous at all anymore unless it’s at Red Rocks or a huge show. But it always ends up really well and it’s an adrenaline rush that I m addicted to.

I read in one of your blogs that you were super amped to play at the Sunset Blvd. House of Blues, how was that experience?
Oh, my God, yeah. That was an incredible show, it was amazing. I opened for Josh Radin and it was incredible experience. He has an amazing audience. He brings a crowd that really listens to the words that you say, where a lot of the times people come out to this party and listen to music, but his audience is so quiet, it’s freakish. And I think he sold out the HOB and it was really one of the best show I’ve ever played. It was an amazing energy in there and it’s just amazing to play in a place you wanted to play for so long and have it go as well as it did it was really, really awesome.

Anyone in particular you would like to tour or team up with?
Umm, well. I am obsessed with John Mayer right now. If I could tour with him I could die and be happy.

That would be an a amazing show!
That would be, I would watch that show every night. I’m also obsessed with Radiohead, and if Sarah McLachlan went out again that would be a dream to open for her, that would be amazing.

Yeah, I really liked your cover of Radiohead’s Creep that was really beautiful.
Thank you.

What is your favorite song on your EP album?
I love Hallelujah because it was such a, I don’t know I’ve never felt the way I felt when I recorded that. There was such an energy in that room when I recorded that it was one take. I played it at a show, it was a really really small show I played in Topanga Canyon, one Sunday morning it was an open mike kind of thing. And Ben Moody the guy who produced my album and Michael “Fish” Herring , who also produced my album, were both there and I had never sang that before. And I sung Hallelujah at that show and we went straight from this place to the house and recorded that there and that’s the main take that is on the EP. It has such an energy and I love the cello that was added to it. The first time I heard her play it with me, I never felt so touched by something I did, even though it’s not my song, it’s really a cool feeling to hear something come together like that.

It was beautiful, it was one of my favorites as well.
Thank you.

Your full-length release due out next year – what else can we expect to see from you?
Yes, the full length comes out July 7th. I’m gonna be on the road constantly pretty much, I can’t say who with yet cause it’s not confirmed, but pretty much the next two years I will be on the road. And I think everyone is really gonna love the full length, there are some songs that are incredible I can’t wait for people to hear. I’ll be touring and hopefully getting people more aware of my music.

Any talents besides your beautiful voice?
I can make a damn good pie. And…..I’m good at Tetris.

That’s a cool talent.
And I can find a deal. I am the biggest bargain shopper in the world, I can find a deal anywhere.

Cool!…Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with Right Celebrity, we look forward to your full-length album and wish you the best of luck!
Thank you so much, it was great to talk to you.

You can find Hana Pestle’s music, tour dates, and more at www.myspace.com/hanatunes.

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