Vanessa Lengies is Canadian Actress

December 6, 2008

Meet Vanessa Lengies. She is one of Hollywood’s young actresses thats rumored to have had plastic surgery recently. Read her biography below, see photos and a video.

Vanessa Lengies

Vanessa Lengies

It’s been said that if we didn’t have noses, our faces would have no character at all. They come in all shapes and sizes and in my opinion add alot of interest to a person’s face. Don’t you agree? Yet many young stars, especially when they first get to Hollywood, rush to the plastic surgeon and end up with the exact same nose as everyone else.

If indeed it’s true that ‘Stick It’ actress Vanessa Lengies had a nose job, at least she didn’t go completely crazy! You can see the before and after pictures by going here. It’s a lovely nose indeed.

Vanessa Lengies Biography

Vanessa Lynne-Marie Lengies was born on July 21, 1985 in Montreal, Quebec so her age is 23. Her father is German and her mother is Egyptian. She speaks both French and English fluently and knows some Arabic.

She started professionally acting at the age of nine, in which she did several family cable shows. This led to voice work in the animated show “Arthur” and a co-hosting job on the show “Popular Mechanics for Kids.”

Vanessa’s big break came in 2002 when she landed the role of Roxanne Bojarski in the television series ‘American Dreams, and she has also appeared in the films ‘Waiting’ and ‘The Perfect Man’ with co-stars Hillary Duff and Heather Locklear. She also played a supporting role as the jailbait hostess in Waiting. But she is most famous for her role as Joanne Charis in the sports comedy ‘Stick It.’ She has recently began work on a new Lifetime series called ‘Monarch Cove’ which debuted November 4th, 2008.

In her free time, Vanessa likes snowboarding, event planning, dancing and singing.

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Vanessa Lengies Photos

Vanessa Lengies Video

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