Dog Saves Dog (video)

December 5, 2008

In an incredibly touching act of selflessness and bravery, a dog saves another dog from a busy highway. Read the rest of the story and see the video below.

In a very touching act of heroics, a little dog rescues a four legged friend on a busy highway in Chile. A traffic camera caught the little dog attempting to dash across several lanes of a busy highway, and he didn’t make it. He got hit by a car one lane after the median, and appeared to be seriously injured.

It’s unclear how much time passed before our hero enters the story. He shows up and darts into the same perilous traffic and drags his little injured friend to safety! The video ends with a highway crew showing up, hopefully to get the little pup some help.

Just as a warning – the beginning of the video is a little harsh. It shows the dog getting hit by the car. I just want to make sure you’re prepared.

The “dog saves dog” video is below.

Dog Saves Dog Video

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5 Responses to “Dog Saves Dog (video)”

  1. 1
    david Says:

    Whatever. I love how people project the motives of animals. There are multiple reasons why dogs drag other dogs. It does a disservice to resort to a warmhearted christmas story, which may not be the motives of that dog.

  2. 2
    steve Says:

    U sound like a cynical and miserable person. I cant imagine living or working with someone like you. Your SAD.

  3. 3
    steve Says:

    Dave, Now I understand why you made that comment. Your linked to a cat doctor. That makes all the sense in the world. Your biased.

  4. 4
    dutovia Says:

    Whatever (David). You’re an idiot. I love how morons like yourself try to disprove any sense of compassion and/or instinct these animals may have for one another. It does a disservice to me as a fellow human that such ignorance and single-minded pea-brains exist out there and make this world the cynical and harsh place that is resistant to change.

    Naturally there are many reasons dogs drag other dogs…hmm, let’s touch on a few. Maybe it wanted to eat his fallen comrad (doubtful). Maybe the injured dog ventured into the other dog’s territory and it was mearly trying to remove it to reclaim his space (probably not). Maybe the un-injured dog was acting with the cars and ‘herding’ the other dog into a spot where it could be taken down, like lions attacking their prey (could it be?). Maybe the injured dog owed the other one money and he was simply trying to save his interest (most likely).

    The animal kingdom is full of sentient animals, and whether you’re an animal lover or not, it can be quite hard to not acknowledge facsinating struggles of nature that happen time and time again.

    Of course, since we humans put ourselves at the top of the food chain it’s only natural to feel no pity for those less than us, right? Or, if you’re religious (in some beliefs), there can be no compassion for animals since they are not on the same level as us and are but tools for us to use and consume, correct? However, it’s that same ability that gives us our capacity for reason and thought that also allows us to wield the most power of all – to actually HAVE the power, and not abuse it on those that are clearly at a disadvantage.

    You strike me as someone that would step on a spider and not think twice about it. True wisdom and compassion comes from knowing that you can, but won’t do it. I guarantee your view of animals would change if we weren’t so high on the chain…how would you feel if every time you walked out of your house you were in danger of being attacked and killed by a large raptor? You were cutting your grass and a carnivore the size of an elephant grabbed you from behind? You were enjoying your steak dinner when a dozen hungry car-sized canines ripped you apart for their dinner?

    You may feel I’m drifting from the point of calling you an ignorant ass****, but I assure you I’m not. You obviously think small and that your life is somehow more valuable than anyone (or anything) else’s. Try actually thinking for a change and realize that an open mind is a very dangerous thing to have, but by using that same open mind you can actually make a difference in some small way that would grow exponentially if more people did it.

    Is there compassion among ‘lower forms’ of animals – absolutely. Can it be possible that if a human was hit by that car, no one would go out and save them? No, couldn’t be, right? We’re not animals, after all….

  5. 5
    Ms B Says:


    Great points, well said, couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Can’t stand people with no compassion for animals and/or other living beings.

    However, those without; heart, conscious and common sense, can’t possibly comprehend our compassion for others, animal or human, much less, that we have the audacity to confront him on this matter.