Melissa Britos Is A Rod’s Model?

December 5, 2008

Meet Melissa Britos, A Rod’s rumored new love interest. This gorgeous model is rumored to have A Rod smitten with her, leaving Madonna in the dust. Read more and check out pictures and video here.

A Rod “Obsessed” With Melissa Britos

Melissa Britos is the beautiful model that Alex Rodriguez has allegedly already cheated on Madonna with. Sadly, not many are surprised. According to reports, A Rod met Melissa at a party about a month ago and quickly became infatuated with her. It is not hard to see why, she is absolutely stunning, as you can see from this wonderful photo gallery here.

One of the model’s friends said, “He became obsessed with her. He sent her at least a dozen text messages, asking her to spend time with him.”

Melissa Britos Biography

We are very disappointed that we don’t know more about Melissa Britos’ biography. Sadly this means we have no idea what her age is or her measurements are. Please help us fill in her bio in the comments area. We do know she is a Wilhelmina model and takes some fabulous pictures.

A Rod and Melissa were seen canoodling together, and later A-Rod was seen dropping her off at her hotel doing the walk of shame in the same clothes she had on the night before.

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Madonna and A Rod Pictures

Madonna and A Rod Video

Photos: WENN

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4 Responses to “Melissa Britos Is A Rod’s Model?”

  1. 1
    Tom Says:

    Madonna is kinda freaky now, she used to be beautiful though.

  2. 2
    Anna Says:

    Madonna is just old. Imagine your grandma going on a world tour in a sexy outfit.

  3. 3
    Chaz Says:

    Melissa Britos was residing in Colonial Heights, VA and working for American Family Fitness. She was engaged to a school teacher named Tim Ralph, but broke off the engagement last month. I feel bad for the guy, how can he compete with A-rod? She’s tall, slender and drop dead gorgeous. She has a sister that is just as hot. haha. At school we used to joke with Mr. Ralph about how hot she was.

  4. 4
    abigail Says:

    Bumped into a bouncer Mr. Kay told me the story how they were dating having an affair behind Mr Ralph when he found out broke off the engagement later she met Arod and left him hanging.

    BTW shes 21