Victoria Beckham Harper’s Bazaar

December 4, 2008

Victoria Beckham is a Harper’s Bazaar queen these days! Featured on last month’s Indonesian issue, Posh brings us into 2009 in the American issue. Read more here.

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Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham graces the cover and gives and gives a gorgeous six page photo spread in the January 2009 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Posh goes for a variety of looks including posing in a suit! She’s hot no matter what, you could put her in a potato sack and she would make it work. Check out those awesome pictures here.

In her interview, Victoria naturally talks fashion, about her singing skills – or lack there of, according to her, and fame. Here are a few bits from our favorite Spice Girl.

On being in the Spice Girls… “Being in the Spice Girls, fashion-wise probably didn’t open any doors. If anything it shut doors and I’ve had to bang them down. We all looked like we did later on when people thought we’d been manufactured. We even had our nicknames. Emma had her bunches, Mel C had her tracksuit on. I had a little black dress that everyone said was Gucci, which it wasn’t – it was Miss Selfridge. I was never that good a singer but I think I am good at fashion. Even when I was at school, where I was bullied – sometimes physically, sometimes verbally – I was always customizing my uniform.”

On fame… “In LA at least we can be freer. I think the obsession with celebrity is actually worse in the UK than in America. I’m just really happy. I wake up every morning and I think I’m so blessed. I don’t read the stuff that’s written about us. I’m not interested in gossip. Some of the people that I’m friends with in America – you know, Tom and Katie – they get it too and we laugh about all these stupid things. We lead our lives in a much more low-profile way than people think. I’m not going to The Ivy in Beverly Hills. I don’t think I’ve been to a premiere since we moved there. We’re not courting fame. I can give you a list of numerous restaurants that have underground parking so no one can get any photographs. I know all the restaurant kitchens in LA. Underground car parks and kitchens. That’s my grand entrance.”

For more of the interview click here. More pictures and video below.

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Victoria Beckham Pictures

Victoria Beckham Video

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